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If you are a technology enthusiast, professional, or a student, you will significantly benefit by following NJ Tech Weekly website. The website covers technology topics in NJ in the hope of realizing synergies in the technology industry while pushing for more business. The lead editor and publisher, Esther Surden is a veteran journalist with an experience that spans over 30 years writing about how the technology works and the business of technology. She is an alumnus of Pace University where she studied M.S. in publishing. In her early working days, Esther worked for Auerbach where her job entailed publishing Auerbach computer technology reports.

A Look at Esther Surden Early Technology Works

Some of her early work included reports on how modem worked as well as statistics about the first microcomputers. Esther began her career working under her mentor Jean Bartik where she learned how to write about technology. Jean Bartik is well known for his first stored-program computer Eniac at the University of Pennsylvania. Esther also began to follow the careers of most industry pioneers. Later, she joined Computerworld as a minicomputer editor. Computerworld was a project of Patrick McGovern, who foresaw the booming of the technology industry. Under the guidance of the then editor, E. Drake Lundell, Jr. Esther covered the exciting period of minicomputer makers. Her work included reports on Data General Corp. and Digital Equipment Corp. She also initiated the first microcomputer section at Computerworld.

In the late 70s and early 80s, Esther joined the Institute for Scientific Information. The institution was run by Eugene Garfield, who is accredited for inventing a unique method of citation searching. While working at the institute, Esther also continued with her freelancing work writing for various newspapers and companies in the computer industry. At this period, Esther published multiple articles for Digital Equipment, Data General and Hewlett-Packard. In the late 80s, Esther extensively covered IBM at the time when the company was a powerful force in the industry through a newsletter called Outlook on IBM published by Philips Publishing. At the time, Esther worked under the guidance of Edith Holmes.

Later as cellphones began to evolve as a medium for carrying data and voice traffic, Esther started another phase of her career writing about the business of the emerging technology. She became the editor of a newsletter Mobile Internet Devices and Services. The publication was distributed to CEOs primarily in Europe. More recently, Esther worked as a senior editor at Communications Business Daily. The Warren Communications News publication covered business regulatory issues relating to the convergence of the telecom, Internet and information processing. She has also worked for various clients during her freelancing career including Wireless for the Corporate User, CEBIT America News, Reseller Management, Consumer Goods manufacturer, CRN and Federal Computerworld among others.

Other contributors at NJ Tech Weekly

Joshua Katz: Joshua Katz is the assistant editor. A graduate of the University of Maryland, Joshua performs several roles that include helping out with the publication, updating events page and writing articles for the web site. He also takes part in identifying and creating systems that can help organize workflow more efficiently at NJ Tech Weekly.

Joanne E. Gerber: Joanne is the one who edits articles on the website. She ensures high standards in terms of accuracy and quality writing on the website. Joanne has been in the publishing industry for more than 20 years working in different roles like editor, writer, copy editor and researcher.

Other contributors include Rob Rinderman who works as a director of the strategy for an NYC-based boutique investment bank. Rob also assists in corporate valuations and mentors small businesses for SMC and SCORE consulting.

Dillan Digiovanni is also another popular contributor. Dillan is an internationally-certified Integrative Nutrition coach, writer and speaker specializing in identity and resilience. Dillan is also a two-time TEDx speaker. He has also coached leaders at various companies that include Microsoft, IDEO, WeWork and General Assembly. Other experts who regularly contribute at NJ Tech Weekly include Steve Sears, Tom Paine, and Kei-Sygh Thomas.

More about NJ Tech Weekly

The website covers technology subjects on various segments that include the latest news, the technology around New Jersey and Opinion views of the technology. It also covers things related to the technology industry like job-hunting tips for tech professionals, how to acquire funding, and overview of technology companies. The website also covers marketing techniques and enforcement of data privacy. The website also extensively covers technological developments around New Jersey. You will also be able to get trending technological development around the world.

In addition to the various technological reports, advancements and trends, the website also highlights technological events around New Jersey. Through the events listed on the website, you get to see the latest technologies such as 3D printing, autonomous vehicles and laser cutting. You also get a chance to meet experts on various projects brainstorming on future technologies such as robotics. You also get to learn about machine learning technology and how it can help businesses.