Breakfast Briefing with Steve Forbes

Fiscal Reform, Taxation — By on April 1, 2014 at 12:46 PM

Last week, on the first Monday in recent memory without snow in the forecast, almost 100 friends and supporters of CSI•NJ gathered at the Upper Montclair County Club in Clifton to hear from Forbes Media Chairman, Steve Forbes.

Mr. Forbes used CSI’s most recent studies - Pension and Long-term Care Reform - as the centerpiece for his remarks then ratcheted things up to the national issues, including another call for the Flat Tax at the national level. Here in New Jersey, we hope this and our other efforts are leading the way for call to arms for drastic tax reductions by the end of the decade, through a series of municipal/school district consolidations, public sector cost reductions (over 1600 public sector entities across the state), and a detailed plan to reduce the critical debt burden. With the engagement of voices like Steve Forbes’ and other leading, like-minded, state leaders New Jersey holds the promise of creating national models for what’s possible elsewhere.


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