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President Obama Visits New Jersey

On July 28, 2010, President Obama visited New Jersey to promote his small business initiatives. CSI-NJ and New Jersey Taxpayers Alliance President Jerry Cantrell discussed the visit, and the ways in which the Administration’s policies have affected New Jersey. Watch the latest video at
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Hard Tax Cap The Only Way to Go

Paul V. Tyahla July 3, 2010 This op-ed was printed in the Daily Record and the Times of Trenton As the state Legislature gathers for its special session on property taxes, some lawmakers are touting a 2.9 percent cap with what they consider reasonable flexibility for municipalities. Where local administrators...
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No Income Tax Increase This Year

The General Assembly failed to override Governor Christie’s veto of a tax increase on high-wage earners, ending chances a new top marginal tax rate of 10.75% will be part of this year’s budget. The Institute has highlighted economic pitfalls associated with the tax increase. CSI-NJ notes that high-wage...
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The Crisis in Public Sector Pension Plans

A Blueprint for Reform in New Jersey The Mercatus Center at George Mason University unveiled a new report, highlighting New Jersey’s public employee pension crisis, and offering a path to meaningful reform. The report found that New Jersey’s five pension systems are underfunded by more than $170...
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Debating an Income Tax Hike in New Jersey

As part of a plan to restore property tax rebates, some New Jersey legislators attempted to increase New Jersey’s income tax on high wage earners by extending a “one-year” tax hike in 2009. CSI-NJ President Jerry Cantrell debated the issue soon after Governor Christie vetoed the tax...
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Tax and Budget Reform in New Jersey

As the New Jersey Legislature entered the final month of debating Governor Christie’s first introduced budget, CSI-NJ President Jerry Cantrell spoke with Laura Jones on News12 Power and Politics. Cantrell introduced the newly-founded Institute, and discussed the need to reform New Jersey’s...
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Tax Cap Proved Its Worth in Massachusetts, Can Work in New Jersey

By JOSH BARRO May 26, 2010 The Star-Ledger Unionized pubic employees swarmed Trenton on Saturday to protest Gov. Chris Christie’s cuts in the state budget — and his “Cap 2.5” proposal to limit local property taxes. The unions warn that a tax cap will lower the quality of the Garden State’s...
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