New Jersey’s Education System Post-School Choice

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A long-term project to develop a 21st Century education
system for the children of New Jersey

Initial Meetings:

Friday, October 15, 2010 and Friday, October 29, 2010
10:00 a.m. – 2:00 p.m.

Monmouth University
West Long Branch, New Jersey

New Jersey has based its education delivery on neighborhood schools and local control for more than a century. In addition to mandating public schools dedicated to teacher effectiveness and student achievement, the state is poised to expand educational opportunities through avenues such as charter schools, private school scholarships and inter-district public school choice. Monmouth University and the Common Sense Institute of New Jersey have joined to co-host a forum focusing on how this statewide system of education should be structured, funded, monitored and evaluated to improve and enhance student learning.

At an initial meeting on Friday, October 15, held at Monmouth University, academics from the region and New Jersey policymakers are invited to discuss their perspectives on the future of K-12 education in New Jersey.

The goal of the forum is to advance a new system-wide educational delivery system incorporating leading-edge methods, tools and techniques along with new curricula aimed at truly engaging and energizing today’s students and providers, in order to prepare them with the skills necessary to be successful in the 21st Century global economy and achieve greater measurable outcomes overall.

A “system” is based on related parts that are organized into a complex whole. However, no vision for this type of system in a post-school choice world has been presented to the people of New Jersey. This multi-session conference will produce policy recommendations and strategies for implementation during this period of change and expanded opportunities in New Jersey.

This event is by invitation only. For more information, e-mail Paul Tyahla, Executive Director of the Common Sense Institute of New Jersey, at [email protected]


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