Judge Finds Budget Cuts to School Districts Unconstitutional

In The News — By Paul Tyahla on March 23, 2011 at 12:22 PM

On March 22, Judge Peter Doyne, a Special Master for the New Jersey Supreme Court, found that last year’s budget cuts to school district made it impossible for the state to administer a “thorough and efficient system of education”, as mandated by the Constitution. Now, the Supreme Court will decide on a remedy that could include ordering the state to fully fund the school funding formula, which would mean a $1.6 billion increase in school spending next year.

Judge Doyne’s complete ruling is available at this link. The night of the ruling, CSI-NJ Executive Director Paul Tyahla spoke with My9′s Harry Martin about what the decision could mean to state taxpayers.

Take It On: NJ School Cuts: My9TV.com

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