CSI-NJ President Debates the 2013 Budget

In The News, Media Center — By on February 29, 2012 at 9:01 AM

On February 21, Governor Christie introduced his $32 billion budget. The spending package includes several significant policy changes geared toward making government more efficient and taxpayer-friendly. Among the changes are a 10% income tax cut for all taxpayers, the expanded use of drug courts for certain offenders, and a change to the school funding formula that bases enrollment on average attendance instead of a once-a-year survey.

CSI-NJ President Jerry Cantrell debated the budget on My9’s New Jersey Now on Sunday, February 26. The full video is available below, and the governor’s Fiscal Year 2013 Budget Summary is available at this link.

New Jersey Now: February 26, 2012: My9TV.com


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