Policy Focus

The scope of the issues that the New Jersey Institute will research and analyze will necessarily change as the scope of government policies and economic conditions change. As a general rule, the Institute will seek to identify opportunities to make a unique contribution to the ongoing policy debate. It may be that a topic is currently not being addressed, or the Institute may offer well-researched, thoughtful alternative solutions to the public policy debate.

The following are examples of research areas that the Institute may, if situations warrant, address during the first years of operation.

“Show me the money and where it’s being spent”

“A Blueprint to Lower New Jersey’s Tax Burden”

Land Use
“Urban Sprawl or Urban Legend in New Jersey?”

“Economic Opportunity in New Jersey: An Index of the Regulatory Climate for Entrepreneurs”

“Index of the Leading Environmental Indicators in New Jersey”

Economic Development
“Index of the Economic Freedom in New Jersey”

Health and Welfare
“Consumer Driven Healthcare-Personal and Portable Health Insurance”

“Competition in Education-A Survey of School Choice in New Jersey”